Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sausage and Kraut

I should also set up labels for "unbelievably easy" and "favorites."

My "recipe" for this is to layer some frozen brats or Polish sausage with a jar of sauerkraut in a crock pot.  Cook on low for 8-ish hours.  Receive the accolades of your family.

I like using these brats from Costco.  I also really like the Italian sausage in the same brand (but avoid the grossly under-seasoned breakfast links).

A jar of Aldi sauerkraut is both cheap and delicious.

The finished product is a mellow sauerkraut and very tender sausage.  So good!  The first time I did it, I used one pack (5 sausage) and we liked it so much that I immediately added another pack of sausage to the remaining sauerkraut and cooked it until bed time.  This time I just started with two packs of sausage so there are some planned leftovers.

More notes:
  • If the sauerkraut doesn't have much juice, go ahead and add a little water too.
  • This would be great if started with grilled sausage (even if they weren't cooked through), just to give that extra smokey yumminess.  (That's a word, right?  Spell check is only giving me "chumminess" and "crumminess.")
  • Jim Kostick made something very similar using Kramarczuks Polish sausage slices in sauerkraut, cooked for far less time.  Obviously better, but not so easy to pull off.