Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pan Fried Chicken Breasts

A Cautionary Tale.
This is what happens when I don't record a recipe right away. I remember how good it was, and how easy, and how fast, but there are a few details that escape me.

Like the ingredients.

I know there were a lot of canned bread crumbs combined with Famous Dave's Chicken Seasoning (and I remember thinking that seasoned salt or any other combo would be a good substitute). There was at least a tablespoon of seasoning.

The chicken breasts were on the thin side (and that allowed them to cook quickly and still remain moist).

There must have been some kind of moisture involved before dredging the meat in the crumbs. Probably milk.

I definitely remember they fried in butter, (It was pretty tremendous!) and it only took a few minutes on each side. I turned them gently and the crumb coating stayed attached. They were pretty.

Was there flour combined with the crumbs? Was there egg beaten in with the milk? Will I ever learn? I do know this is a modified version of something in a cookbook I own. Perhaps I'll find it someday.

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Christina said...

These look like a chicken dish I've made. You dredge the chicken in flour first, then coat it with an egg/milk mixture, then roll it in breadcrumbs before frying.