Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brownie bites

This is a post promoting a rather silly product rather than a recipe, I suppose. (And just why did my photo come out sideways?) Anyway, this is a photo from my 2010 Mother/Daughter Tea showing the easiest item on the menu. I started with a boxed brownie mix and topped it with canned frosting and theme-colored sprinkles. Since everything at the Tea MUST be cute, cutting them into the typical not-quite-even squares will just not do!

I used a Wilton Brownie Cutter which, in addition to making these uniform little delights, also picks them up out of the pan as they cut. Basically, they get stuck (but not in a bad way) in the cutter and can easily be pushed out onto the plate. Usually, I wouldn't even consider purchasing a unitasker like this for the kitchen, but it really does make the job easier and it saves all those crunchy, chewy brownie pan edges for someone who'll appreciate them.

The frosting was squiggled on with a #47 tip.

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