Saturday, June 18, 2011

Aldi Coffee Creamer

Yuk, yuk, 1000 times yuk! In all fairness, I think something may be wrong with this particular container. The 2nd ingredient listed is sugar and it's not sweet at all. (Just a nasty fake "dairy" flavor.) I'll probably return it and try again. Good news? It was only $1.49/quart.

On the other hand, I also got a sugar-free hazelnut flavored one that was quite good. $1.99/qt.


Molly said...

I do like their vanilla creamer and in December they offer a peppermint mocha creamer that's yummy. They also have a holiday cinnamon flavor that I thought was ishy though.

Thérèse said...

Well, the good thing about Aldi is that they'll give you your money back AND replace the product.

Molly said...

Ah, yes. There are SO many good things about Aldi, and the Double Back Guarantee is one of them. :) I had to use it for a bag of flour that seemed only partially ground.