Thursday, June 9, 2011

Price Comparison: Aldi vs. Meijer

I had some spare time yesterday, so I did a direct comparison of a few items to see how Aldi compares to Meijer.

Whole Chicken
Meijer: $0.89/lb
Aldi: $0.85/lb

Chicken Breast, frozen
Meijer: $2.50/lb
Aldi: $1.83/lb

Ground Beef (90/10)
Meijer: $4.89/lb
Aldi: $3.39/lb

Ground Turkey
Meijer: $4.99/lb
Aldi: $2.49/19 oz

Meijer: $2.29/3 lb
Aldi: $1.49/ 3 lb

Meijer: $3.29/lb (I got it on sale for $2.50)
Aldi: $2.69/lb


Mike Roesch said...

Interesting that the chicken price differential isn't more.

Not sure I trust ground beef from Aldi. Probably because they pack it the same way Wal-Mart does. And it's from Brazil.

Thursday said...
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Mrs. N said...

I'm with Mike, Aldi meat really isn't that good. The frozen meat there is usually alright, but I avoid the fresh stuff on the advice of a coworker.

Margaret Mary said...

Fully cooked meat should be fine.

Thérèse said...

I've actually had the opposite experience. The fresh meat has been just fine (including the ground beef), but their frozen chicken breasts were kind of lackluster, and had a bunch of nugget-sized pieces.