Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aldi Pizza Rolls

I brought Nick with this time (at lunch time) to pick up a few things for the church anniversary's hospitality and we ended up leaving with Pizza Rolls and $0.99/lb. strawberries. (Hey, one of those items fits into an actual food group!)

We both agreed that these Pizza Snacks are quite a bit better than the Totino's brand we occasionally get. The crust part was crisp and actually contained the filling as it heated. They weren't the oozy, almost-need-a-fork mess that the others are. The filling was pretty much an identical, unidentifiable bit of pizza-ish stuff, but the overall rating was better. At $2.49 for this 40 pack, I think they're a good deal, but I really don't buy the others often enough to know off hand.

Also, Holly, I discovered that they do, indeed, have cool whip but it's by the ice cream and not in the dairy section by the spray whipped cream.

And Nick had a quarter for the cart!


Molly said...

I forgot to tell you that I saw "Cool Whip" when I was at Aldi last week. Cool Whip is in the freezer section at the regular grocery, too. :)

Margaret Mary said...

That goes to show you just how often I actually buy it. (Probably once each spring when I want to make fluff for some party.)